3. Killer Fight Choreography
For The Expendables, producers brought in fight choreographer Jonathan Eusebio, who has also worked on Haywire, The Avengers, and The Wolverine. Personally, I'd make him a must for the crew of The ExpendaBelles. Not only has he worked on films that offer extraordinary action sequences on big and small scales, but also he's accustomed to choreographing for female characters. And he doesn't make them milder for the so-called fairer sex. Take one look at Haywire, and you'll see he pulls no punches, creating fight scenes that are breathtaking and sometimes even painful to look at in the best way possible.

But if Eusebio is unavailable, we've got a stellar second pick in Oilvier Schneider, the fight choreographer from Fast & Furious 6. This is the guy credited with constructing the complicated and totally brutal battle between Michelle Rodriguez and Gina Carano that included handcuffs used as brass knuckles, and a bone-crunching tackle down a flight of subway stairs. It's dizzying to imagine how producers will top that sequence in Fast & Furious 7.

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