Who else did you meet about the part?

I didn’t do any meetings, I just started asking around. And then I had a meeting with John and he said, “Well, let’s read all of it!” And it wasn’t an audition, but he was like, “Let’s read it out loud!” – and I had Leslie [Mann] there for the meeting. And he started telling us what his insights were to this idea, being disconnected from relatives and children. He was so smart and hilarious I was literally calling his agent before his ass left my office [laughs]. And he was so excited to do it! He was thrilled and he had such enthusiasm. And on this set a lot of those things were really difficult, and on the day I would rewrite and rewrite and we would play and improvise and do them angry and do them sad. We really worked his scenes because I knew they needed to be explosive and kind of short, but I didn’t want to wrap it up cleanly. That was the hardest part of the whole movie. How do you show confrontations with parents in a truthful way? And how much can you heal? Because it takes a while.

And this is just over the span of a week too.

So in a movie you can’t get all the way there, so how can you get a sense of what direction it’s moving in? And he was amazing.

I know I have to wrap up, but I feel myself compelled to ask this as well: given the great scenes they share together in This is 40, you are now planning a movie that pairs Jason Segel and Chris O’Dowd, right?

You never know! I wish I had a lot more time to just explore all of those things. We’re well aware that there would be nothing better on this earth than the Chris O’Dowd-Jason Segel movie [laughs]. That’s a no-brainer. So unless someone beats me to it, it seems like that needs to be done.

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