It would have been very easy for Sony to rig up an official site for The Social Network that slyly mocked the site it's based on, Facebook-- photo galleries, wall posts, even something that looked a little like the teaser trailer that hit back in July. But the official site that just debuted fits more in line with the movie we're coming to expect-- darker, smarter and classier than anything you'd expect from "the Facebook movie."

The site itself is well worth a look just for the ominous music playing in the background and the genius design, but it also debuted a whole slew of new stills-- 45 of them!--introducing the central characters of the film with galleries all their own. Click on Jesse Eisenberg as Mark Zuckerberg below to see the whole collection in our gallery (though you should check out the official site's design too, because its super cool). Most of the images aren't that thrilling visually, and I expect Fincher's cinematography on this one to be more functional than beautiful, but as introductions to these real-life figures, the images work pretty well. The Social Network opens October 1, and I could not be more excited.

Click for the full Social Network image gallery.

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