It's been over a year since Carl Erik Rinsch was first tapped as a potential director for an Alien sequel, only to be overthrown by his father-in-law Ridley Scott (I'm sure they managed to work things out amicably before Thanksgiving). But Rinsch's name is still most closely associated with that Alien kerfuffle, since the up-and-coming director has yet to have his debut feature, 47 Ronin hit theaters. Then again, with that movie starring Keanu Reeves as a samurai warrior it's bound to get Rinsch plenty of addition, and now there could be the added element of 3D to shine the spotlight even brighter.

Universal has confirmed that 47 Ronin is being "produced" in 3D, which they explained to me means it will be shot using 3D cameras, not relying on the fraught post-conversion process. The film is set for November 21, 2012, which gives them more than enough time to give the 3D treatment serious consideration and avoid a Clash of the Titans-esque visual disaster. Rinsch first grabbed attention among studios and film fans with his short film/commercial "The Gift," which featured precise visuals and an inventive use of CGI that point to Rinsch being the kind of meticulous director who wouldn't stand for 3D ruining his work. Plus, with the pendulum already swinging the other direction on crappy 3D, I imagine by 2012 it'll be an even tougher sell to get audiences to shell out for 3D that's less than stellar.

Watch "The Gift" below, and maybe watch it a few more times too, since it's all we'll be seeing from Rinsch during the next two years of 47 Ronin production. Hopefully that wait will be worth it.

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