2. The Sinister Six is a possibility.
One theory constantly floated by Spider-Man fans suggests that Webb’s movies are including villains like The Lizard, The Rhino, Electro and multiple Goblins so that our hero will one day face a massive villain team up in The Sinister Six. When asked about this, Tolmach tells me, “It is wishful thinking on [the fan’s] part, but it doesn’t mean it’s a bad idea. It’s a great idea. I mean, we haven’t yet nailed down what … there’s the Spider Man movies, and then there are the movies that grow out of the universe of Spider Man. We haven’t defined those yet. We’re spending a lot of time thinking about it. That’s an honest answer.”

3. Announcing Spidey 3 and 4 didn’t drastically change their plans for part two … despite what Shailene Woodley thinks.
Shortly after we found out that Sony already has two additional Spider-Man movies on the docket, we learned that Woodley’s Mary Jane Watson would be scrubbed out of Spidey 2 altogether … and likely recast. But Tolmach ensures me that the game plan for Webb’s second Spidey was always in place, and the date claiming was more of what he calls “putting a flag in the ground.” He says this shows that Sony and Team Spidey is thinking ahead, a la Marvel, instead of reacting to success with their hands tied behind their back.

“Number Two is always Two, and we’re still doing what we were doing on it,” he said. “Announcing the new dates puts a flag in the ground in terms of, ‘Those are our release dates, and leave that alone.’ It gives you a working structure. If the release date is here, I know when we need to be shooting, when we need the script. It allows you to actually plot your course and to build the universe a little bit more systematically. When you know you’re making this one and that one, you start thinking a little bit more globally. It’s a cool thing.”

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