4. They sacrificed secrecy and opted to shoot in public to give The Amazing Spider-Man 2 as “New York” an atmosphere as possible.
“We were either going to shoot this in a vacuum on a sound stage and sacrifice, in this case New York,” Tolmach told me about the months-long shoot, which wrapped once Webb posted this commemorative video.

“We shot the whole thing in New York,” Tolmach continued. “And I’d rather go out there and have people catch glimpses of what we’re doing and have real sets and locations. So you’ll get the sense, even more in this movie, that Peter’s a New York kid defending this city because we shot the whole thing [in New York]. The last one, we didn’t shoot in New York. In this movie, you can’t help it. I mean, he is Peter Parker on a building in New York, on a street in New York. It’s real. You feel that.”

5. Finally, we’ll likely see a full trailer in the fall.
That’s what Tolmach tells me. And if I were to guess, I’d say that it will include the same footage of Electro and Spider-Man that captivated the crowds in Hall H. For more on my reaction, watch the clip below.

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