Rocket Rap Sheet Guardians of the Galaxy
Rocket has the longest rap sheet of everyone
As you probably figured out by now, the "heroes" of Guardians of the Galaxy are a bit left of center from that term. After all, these are all characters who meet each other while incarcerated in space prison. As we are introduced to the protagonists, we actually get to see all of their past crimes shown digitally on the left side of the screen. These characters all mean serious business, as Gamora has 12 counts of murder on her record and Drax has 22 (plus 5 counts of GBH a.k.a. grievous bodily harm), but of the group Rocket has actually accumulated the longest record: 13 counts of theft, 14 counts of escape from incarceration, 7 counts of mercenary activity, 15 counts of arson (also, he has "a tendency to bite")

Nebula In Prison Guardians Of The Galaxy
Nebula is in the prison at some point, too
We’ve talked at length about the Guardians’ accumulative time in prison, but the very scary thing is that it looks like they are not alone. While we obviously can’t say when this shot takes place – either before, during or after the Guardians have been incarcerated – the image above suggests that Nebula, played by Doctor Who’s Karen Gillan, also spends some time in lock-up, which isn’t good news for our heroes, as she is one of the villains hunting them. She doesn’t appear to be having too hard a time inside, though, as it looks like she has given that Nova Corps officer quite the beating.

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