Audiences showed up in droves for 21 Jump Street two years ago, loving not only the adventures of Channing Tatum, Jonah Hill and Ice Cube, but also grooving with the supporting cast. The production was smart enough to recruit soon-to-be stars like Brie Larson, ringers like Rob Riggle, utility men like Dave Franco, and goofballs like DeRay Davis, Chris Parnell and Ellie Kemper. Switching the venue for the sequel meant a whole new supporting cast, a whole new bunch of scene stealers.

In 22 Jump Street, Hill and Tatum can't carry the load themselves. Fortunately, the cast is filled with several merry-makers ready to lift a scene away. Here's a look at five rising talents who completely stole some of the choice moments from 22 Jump Street.

Wyatt Russell
That genial smile. The glorious hair. That lantern jaw. One look at Wyatt Russell and you think, wow, that guy looks super familiar! Of course, it's a generational thing: you're looking at the son of Kurt Russell! And as Jook, 22 Jump Street's star jock, Russell gives off those same good-time Americana vibes as old dad, to the point where this breakout should lead to the sort of roles that Dad made his name from. Russell will next be seen in the hockey drama Turk, though his role in Midnight Rider likely won't be revisited as that film's in a world of trouble.
Amber Stevens
The startlingly gorgeous Stevens doesn't get a lot of funny stuff to do in 22 Jump Street. But her vivacious beauty is so eye-catching that, to be fair, you have to wonder why the movie considers Jonah Hill a loser for hanging out with her while Tatum and Russell become buddies. Stevens' Maya ends up providing a dollop of sweetness to the proceedings, particularly given the reveal that her father is you-know-who. Stevens will next be seen in the horror film Jessabelle.
Jillian Bell
It can be argued that no one got bigger laughs in 22 Jump Street than this Workaholics actress. As Maya's bunk-mate Mercedes, Bell gets the biggest burns, immediately calling out Jonah Hill's Schmidt for being a narc and asking him, "Tell us about the war. Any of them." And when the twist kicks in, and it's revealed Mercedes is the kingpin of the entire affair, she steals the movie outright with a hilariously sexy push-and-pull with Hill that playfully winks at the eroticism found in male-female movie brawls. Bell, who'll next be seen in Inherent Vice and Goosebumps, deserves to get the biggest bump from 22 Jump Street's runaway success.
The Lucas Bros.
As Keith and Kenny Yang, the Lucas Bros. immediately make an impression, with their casual, laidback vibe and identical delivery. These two welcome Schmidt and Jenko to campus, and while they have some amusing twin-based jokes, what's weirdly surprising is that, hey, these guys seem super friendly and welcoming! Directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller manage to properly use their charming bonhomie in a way that lulls and relaxes the audience whenever they're onscreen, a brief respite from the manic jokes and hectic action of the rest of the film. Kenny and Keith Lucas can be seen on Fox's Animation Domination block with their series Lucas Bros. Moving Co.
Eddie J. Fernandez
Fernandez has had a long career as a stuntman, working in movies like Above The Law, Backdraft, The Expendables and The Dark Knight Rises. But it's likely he's going to be remembered as Scarface, aka "the Mexican Wolverine." Fernandez doesn't have much to do but scowl as Jenko and Schmidt act a fool, but every single stoic reaction shot from him produces a huge laugh in the audience. Hopefully he's got plenty of mean-mugging left; he'll pop up next on the TV show The Last Ship.
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