Rio 2
New faces also come with big voices
Given the stacked lineup of the first movie, Rio didn’t really need to build its star-power for the sequel, but it has done so anyway, and has added even more Latino/Brazilian flavor as a result.

The three biggest additions to the voice cast for Rio 2 are Andy Garcia, West Side Story’s Rita Moreno and Grammy winner Bruno Mars, all of whom star as Blue Macaws who Blu and Jewel meet in the Amazon. These aren’t just random strangers, however: they’re family. Garcia lends his voice to Eduardo, Jewel’s father and Blu’s newly-discovered father-in law, while Moreno plays Mimi, Jewel’s very excitable aunt. Mars’ Roberto is a very musical member of their flock who has a beautiful singing voice (naturally), and seems to have more than a little interest in making Jewel his own.

Remember what I said about Nigel getting a few new friends as well? On the top of that list is Kristin Chenoweth as Gabi, a poison dart frog who is utterly and completely obsessed with the villainous cockatoo who treats his word as gospel, but also joining them is Charlie, a mute anteater who uses his tongue for much more than sweeping up insects (a rope for scaling trees, a slingshot, etc.)

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