Rio 2
Family themes will be shared from multiple angles
Looking beyond all the musical numbers and joke sequences shown during the presentation, it became clear that what Rio 2 will really be about is family, and everything that word really means.

Of course, front and center is the relationship between Blu and Jewel as they start their life together with three kids. Even beyond the normal challenges that come with child-rearing, the duo have to deal with the fact that they look at the world from very different perspectives, and it has an effect on the way they think the children should be raised. "The mother, Jewel, is more wild, Blu, the father, is more domesticated, so what’s the best way to raise the children?" Saldanha explained. "That’s the dynamic that we’re going to lean through the movie."

But Jewel and Blu both have individual struggles with the concept of family as well – namely when the Amazonian Macaws enter the picture. Jewel has been without her family for most of her life, separated from them during a tragic event in her youth, and reconnecting with them is a big deal. At the same time, she has grown as an individual with her own thoughts and feelings about the world – thoughts and feelings that don’t necessarily mesh with her family’s.

Even though he is technically part of the family, Blu enters the situation very much as an outsider. Having been even more sheltered than Jewel, Blu has a great deal to prove to his in-laws, and must show Edwardo that he is good enough to be with his daughter. With Roberto proving to be more musical, more daring, and perhaps a better fit for Jewel, Blu must work to find his place.

Rio 2 will be in theaters on April 11th

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