the mighty
The Mighty
Non-comic readers may not be aware that there is an entire world of superheroes that exist outside of DC and Marvel's most iconic titles. But one super-powered narrative that everyone should know about is DC’s The Mighty, from Peter J. Tomasi and Keith Champagne. It initially looks like a limited and slightly derivative take on the "hero gone bad" idea, but stands out as a wholly original and solid tale throughout its 12-issue run.

The story follows Alpha One, the all-powerful and trusted American hero and Lt. Gabriel Cole of Section Omega, a police force dedicated to assisting the superbeing. But as Alpha One becomes jaded with his role and inches down the path of ultimate evil, Cole rises up to become Omega’s greatest asset. His link with the hero ties back to a devastating tragedy in his past, and he is the key to keeping this one-man army from destroying everything he’d spent so long saving. Can’t you just hear the orchestral stabs?

Paramount acquired the rights to the series back in 2011, and it’s been in differing stages of development ever since. There’s enough story here to cover multiple films, should they want to go the franchise route, but it would work well enough as a one and done. Either way, it’ll be worthy counterprogramming for anyone sick of Zack Snyder’s vision and Marvel’s constant barrage of origin stories.

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