Batman Begins


The Dark Knight

Imagine you’re a superhero. You’re stalking one of your greatest foes through the dark alleys of a dangerous city, when all of a sudden you hear something over your shoulder. Instead of having to completely spin around, turning your back on what’s in front of you, wouldn’t it be so much easier to just twist your neck and look? Advantageous as that may seem, it wasn’t a feature on the Batsuit that was introduced to the world in Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins. So even though the costume actually looked pretty damn cool on the big screen, it was in serious need of an upgrade by the time the sequel rolled around.

The Dark Knight is one of the few comic book movies that actually features a scene explaining why a costume change was made, and the justification is actually what makes the second design so much better than the first. The Batman Begins suit was all about creating an aesthetic – inciting fear into the criminal populace of Gotham – but the upgrade was all about function – giving Batman not only more maneuverability but even a few more new toys. It’s arguable that the Dark Knight costume (which was also used in The Dark Rises) is the best version we’ve seen on the big screen thus far, which means that director Zack Snyder and the crew behind the upcoming Batman vs. Superman have their work cut out for them.

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