Adam Warlock
In the comics, the evil Thanos is frequently in pursuit of the Infinity Gems (Infinity Stones in the movies). And the strongest force in his way has got to be Adam Warlock. This suave space hero is also the result of an experiment, a creation meant to mimic the ideal man, only for evolution to allow the character to blossom into much more than just a man. Warlock eventually becomes a guardian of the Infinity Stones, forming the Infinity Watch to keep them from being united, to save the universe from the power of the Infinity Gauntlet, a powerful glove that requires all Stones to operate. He was reportedly within the cocoon on display in The Collector's trophy room, and may even be Star-Lord's dad. While his comic persona is relatively dry, the movies seem to have a lot of options, should they choose to develop him. This is, basically, a role for a very handsome leading man. Simon Baker would be an amazing choice were he more bankable. Because he is not, we're all willing to discuss suggestions.

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