Some People Are Way More Nerdy Than You Can Imagine
Remember that last paragraph when I talked about how most attendees are basically normal? Well, the reason why Comic-Con gets the reputation it does is because there are a small percentage of people who want nothing more than to force theories you can’t even understand down your throat about Babylon 5 or Red Dwarf. Imagine what would happen if Lucas Blye knocked up Enid from Ghost World, and you’re entering the right ballpark. Most often, these people also have on a costume you don’t even vaguely recognize and bitch about how the SyFy Network has lost its soul. In small doses, they’re amusing to watch in a National Geographic animals kind of way, but with too much exposure, they’ll leave you praying for Odinsleep.

It’s The Friendliest Mob In The World
Estimates vary as to how many people head to San Diego for Comic-Con week, but an overwhelming majority of the figures I’ve seen put the number between 100,000 and 150,000, which is incredible for a downtown area that isn’t exactly New York City. As such, you would think these costumed hordes would run amok, create chaos and piss off local residents, especially when you factor in late nights and drinking, but I didn’t see a single physical altercation the entire weekend. What I saw instead, over and over, were large groups of random people shooting the shit and discussing a range of nerdy topics. Whether they were standing in line together or sitting next to each other during a panel, I saw so many groups of former strangers hanging out like they were old friends, and hilariously, I saw just as many masses of people patiently waiting at crosswalks when they could have selfishly bent traffic to their will.

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