People Love Getting Their Picture Taken
I hate inconveniencing people. I hate it. Even when someone’s job is to tell me what aisle the ketchup hangs out in, I’d still rather wander around and find it myself. That’s just who I am, which is why I was not overly stoked about having to ask people to let me take their picture for our various photo articles. It turns out, however, that they all seem to love this activity above all else. I asked hundreds of people over the course of the weekend if they’d pose for a moment, and not a single one had the slightest reservation. Most of them actually seemed pleased as punch about the usage of time too, even thanking me for thinking of them and for publishing their photographs. On more than a few occasions, I saw costumed attendees posing for pictures with other costumed attendees, complimenting each other on the work it took to create the outfits.

More People Fit Into A Small Space Than You’d Think
The lines at Comic-Con are long. If you’ve ever heard anything about the convention, I’m sure you’ve heard that. They’re thousands of people long, and many of them begin forming immediately after the activities close the day before. Within hours, they look obscenely, laughably long, but they’re not filled with nearly as many people as you would think. A few thousand people lined up one-by-one might stretch for multiple football fields, but all of those people can actually still fit in the bigger rooms. In fact, on more than a few occasions, I was ready to text my co-workers saying I didn’t get into a panel but stayed just in case and wound up getting in with hundreds of seats to spare. Bottom line: you need to get places early if you want to get inside the doors, but just because your eyes might tell you you’re fucked doesn’t mean there’s actually no reason to hope.

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