Remember Who The Real Stars Are
Mistake: It rarely works when a Muppet movie focuses on the human lead. (The Muppet Christmas Carol with Michael Caine is the lone exception.) Muppets Most Wanted fractured the focus of the story with three separate subplots, each with a human star (Ricky Gervais, Ty Burrell and Tina Fey) and two of the three focusing on lesser loved Muppets like newbies Walter and Constantine, and the hit-or-miss Sam Eagle. Overall, this Muppet movie felt very light on the group's most iconic characters, and it suffered for it.

Adjustment: Keep the focus on the Muppets we know and love! Walter's central role in The Muppets made sense as a way to re-introduce fans to the crew while winning over kids. But that doesn't mean new Muppets should be the future of the franchise, especially when they are as bland as Walter and Constantine. So for the next Muppet movie, let's see Miss Piggy giving attitude, tons of style and karate chops, not shunted to the side with a been-there-done-that wedding plotline. Give Kermit--the emotional center of the wild gang--the actual focus of the film, and never make Fozzie play second fiddle to any other Muppet but Kermit. Lastly, remember what a versatile player Gonzo is to the line-up. He can deliver poignant moments or absolutely bizarre slapstick. Don't waste him on throwaway gags. Use the tried and tested talents you've already got in this kooky cast!

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