Rob Corddry & Ellie Kemper Sex Tape
Rob Corddry & Ellie Kemper
When Annie and Jay's sex tape hits the cloud, the pair first rush to their best friends Robby and Tess, hoping to prevent them from watching their "full Lincoln." Corddry and Kemper's characters are in one respect foils to Annie and Jay. They've been married 12 years (their anniversary is today, but who cares about a 12th anniversary, right?), but their sex life gets a wanted jolt by living vicariously through their more adventurous besties.

Kemper and Corddry have a great onscreen chemistry, and it's easy to buy them as a couple. But what's most surprising/engaging about the pair is that Sex Tape doesn't force either into tired gender roles where the male is endlessly horny and the woman is bored/frigid. Instead, when they find out about the titular tape, both are intrigued and intensely interested in watching it. Seeing an over-eager Corddry and a sweet-faced Kemper gently trying to secure a copy of the sex tape is pretty damn funny. Yet it's not the pair's best moment.

Best Moment: When trying to help Annie and Jay get back an iPad she lent her boss, Robby & Tess indulge in some ill-planned improvisation, making themselves not-so-local royalty. In an extended scene full of intentionally awkward moments, Corddry wins major laughs by bellowing out an introduction to a bloody, battered Jay, "Hello! I'm the mayor!"

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