The Humans Stumble Into The Apes’ Community, And Create A Problem
Gun-control advocates will have a field day with Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, as you will realize that all might have been OK between the terrified humans and the still-developing apes if not for the power of the hand gun. We get scenes of the apes peacefully fishing, communicating through grunts and sign language, and just doing their own thing. One human has to arrive on the scene and mess the whole balance up, though.

But it’s not Gary Oldman (despite his aggressive stance), and it isn’t even Jason Clarke who make the first mistake when it comes to the peaceful relations between the human and ape communities. From what we saw of the footage, Clarke actually plays a mediator of sorts between Caesar and Oldman’s character, Dreyfus. Neither side necessarily wants conflict, and Clarke’s character tries repeatedly to appeal to cooler heads. But as we got deeper and deeper into the footage, it’s clear that war beyween the species is inevitable.

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