One Hour Photo
Williams' appearance in this Mark Romanek thriller was part of a shift in priorities for his career, dipping into darker, less sympathetic protagonists. What's interesting about One Hour Photo is that Williams is playing a character who would be a supporting player in another type of film, and yet here he's the lead. As Sy The Photo Guy, Williams takes a moody loner with an obsessive streak and turns him into someone with reservoirs of sadness, someone who has sank so deep into loneliness that he has no idea how to crawl back. Romanek's film stoops to a couple of moments of genre cliché, but with another director and actor, it would probably be just another suspense thriller. Instead, it ends up being an extremely empathetic look at someone who has spent a lifetime wanting to belong, wanting to be the one in the developing photos, not the one who develops the photos.

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