2. Richard and Mary Parker are addressed immediately
And in a very clever way that reaches back to the first film.

Remember how The Amazing Spider-Man opened? With adolescent Peter Parker playing hide-and-go-seek with his father (Campbell Scott)? Only that game was disrupted by… a break in? How did the family not hear that? Where was Richard when that was going down? Was he even aware, up to that point, that OsCorp might be targeting his research?

Yes. To most of that. Webb opens The Amazing Spider-Man 2 with the story of the Parkers, and alludes back to that opening scene, wisely filling in some gaps (and maybe acknowledging that the foundation of the mythology needed a little bolstering if we are to move forward). We see Richard furthering experimenting with spiders. We see him trying to upload a very important file to something called "Roosevelt." And we learn the fate of the Parkers. Or, what we think will be their fate.

The dangling plot thread of Richard and Mark was one of the flaws critics pointed out about The Amazing Spider-Man. As was often the case in the books, the shadow that they cast over Peter’s life was present. But in a film, when you raise questions tied to a growing mythology, audiences tend to want answers. (Ask Damon Lindelof.) The Amazing Spider-Man 2 begins to give you some VERY important answers, and right away.

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