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This Would Have Been A Harder Movie To Make Without Disney's Ownership Of Star Wars
Take a good, long look at the awesome visuals that are found in this Guardians of the Galaxy trailer. Awesome-looking ships, cool looking planets, and an oddly familiar structure if you really think about it. A rag tag band of heroes and anti-heroes, joining a force for good and putting aside their differences to serve said good. You've got the short one with an attitude, the tall one with the calm wisdom; the feisty female and the roguish male she's destined to be with, and the exotic muscle rounding out the group. Could this movie be more like Star Wars than we think?

Indeed, this movie looks like a cool throwback to A New Hope, if everybody was a smuggler like Han Solo. Of course, every space based science fiction movie is going to invite the comparison, but this one in particular looks like a very familiar mapping of the hero's journey. And yet, those similarities are superficial enough for the product to work as an independent product. As much as I have compared this to Star Wars or even any other Marvel film like The Avengers, this isn't either of those films. James Gunn threw down a gauntlet with his post credits tag at the end of Thor: The Dark World, and that gauntlet was one that promised a fun, exciting time at the movies that would involve interesting costumes, even more interesting characters, and good old fashioned storytelling. We're probably getting one more trailer after this, as the villains and the actual plot are still sketches at this point. Judging by the two trailers we've gotten so far, I'm already prepared to buy my ticket and take the ride.

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