A Crazy Absurd Action-Packed Movie
Okay, think Face-Off meets The LEGO Movie. Steve wakes up one day and finds out that everything has changed. His home is destroyed; nearby villages are ruined; all his stuff is gone. What happened? Who could have done such a thing? No time to find out! Steve heads for his secret stash of mining gear and goes to retrieve some rare ore to craft himself some armor and weapons and sets off to find out who ruined his life.

The movie can verge on the edge of a horror-style, survival film, as Steve ends up saving a town from some zombies and skeletons, while also getting some help from a feisty female warrior voiced by Michelle Rodriguez, a loud-mouthed sheep – voiced by Eddie Murphy, of course – and maybe a pig with a penchant for explosives, who can be voiced by Jonah Hill. The main villain? A zombie mastermind who wants to take everything away from Steve, devour his soul and take over his life. Only one person is adequate enough for the evil-bad-guy-job and it's Nicholas Cage, complete with a montage of the zombie mastermind walking away in slow motion from Steve's burning house in as the wood and stone hut blows apart into a million blocky voxels. Instant. Blockbuster. Classic.

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