Being the comic book fan that I am, when I spoke with Phil Lord and Chris Miller back before the release of The LEGO Movie I couldn’t resist the opportunity to ask if they would ever be up for making a live-action superhero movie. While they were rather non-committal at the time, they were also open to the idea, Miller jokingly saying, "We really only like to do things that we don’t know how to do." Hopefully that interest is legitimate, because there’s a DC Comics property coming down the pike that they would be absolutely perfect for: Shazam.

While the film hasn’t actually been confirmed by Warner Bros. just yet, rumor has it that a Shazam movie is getting prepped for a July 2016 release, and while Lord and Miller would perhaps be seen as unconventional choices by many, they could also be perfect. The duo got to cut their teeth in the action genre with some pretty damn cool sequences in both 21 and 22 Jump Street, and their input could also go a long way in balancing out the tones of the growing "DC Cinematic Universe", as they could bring a touch of lightness and levity to what Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel suggests is a very dark world. Going with a more comedic approach for a film about a young boy who can turn into an ultra-powerful adult superhero is not only at least a tad bit natural, but it would also stop people from complaining that Shazam is too similar to Superman. The time crunch may make this one an impossibility, but that’s not keeping me from having my fingers crossed.

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