Sorry, Meryl. It’s time for us to start putting our money where our mouth is from an Oscar-picking perspective, and as we comb over all the top races at this year’s Academy Awards, we’re forced to drop royalty like Ms. Streep into the "Close but no cigar" slot.

There are a handful of Oscar nominees, in fact, who appear to be frontrunners in their respective categories but likely could be in for a surprise when the winner’s name is revealed by a celebrity presenter. Make sure you are staring at the facial reactions in those tiny square boxes when Best Supporting Actress or Cinematography winners are announced. There might be some audible gasps.

That’s the hot topic of today’s Monday Movie Memo, a video podcast dedicated to the latest movie happenings. This week, we are all about the Oscars, with the ceremony tapped for Sunday, March 2. What columns do you need to read leading up to the Oscars? In addition to listening to this morning’s Memo, be sure to surf:

- Our ongoing For Your Consideration series, which already has discussed:

Dallas Buyers Club

Captain Phillips


American Hustle


- As well as our in-depth Oscar Analysis of all the top categories. Find all of those columns right here.

We’ll continue to have up-to-the-minute coverage of the Oscar race on the site all week, including FYC columns on the remaining Best Picture nominees. This all builds to our Live Chat, held during the red carpet coverage and the full Oscar telecast. If you care about the Oscars, CinemaBlend has you covered.

In the meantime, what do you think about our 5 spoiler predictions? Could those nominees lose, or are we way off base? Let us know in the comments section below.

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