Chef Gets Food Zealotry Right
Devotion to the food they serve is one thing for chefs, but when it comes to the actual food, Chef nails the aesthetic that we professionals place on cooking. The reason most people can’t cook at a high level at home is that chefs, and the food industry, treat certain things with religious zeal. It’s insane to think that a donut is any tastier because you give it a French name and serve it at Cafe du Monde in New Orleans. The people who should know better, the chefs, are the ones who perpetuate this mythological world of food.

In Chef, there’s a weight given to what Carl calls "authentic" food. A cuban sandwich from a little diner in Little Havana, beignets in New Orleans, Texas brisket from an old school smoker. These things can be made anywhere in the world, with the exact same flavor. Yet the truth is that food isn’t only about how it taste, it’s as much about the experience. That’s where the idea of a food pilgrimage comes in. You don’t eat a bowl of homemade gnocchi with radicchio and gorgonzola in Rome expecting it to be the best tasting. You go to have the most authentic version of that dish.

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