There Is No Redemption Narrative
Winter Soldier introduced a Sam Wilson that, by all accounts, was already a pretty cool dude. Mackie's Falcon served his country, then returned home to work with veterans scarred by battle and unable to rejoin society. One could argue his initial bond with Steve Rogers was based on two soldiers who recognized the good in each other. Also, if the wings are anything to go by, dude's a pretty savvy inventor already.

It's a little more complex in the comics. Sam Wilson came from modest means, serving as a social worker in his early days, which inspired him to become a costumed vigilante. But in the 1970's, this was retconned, altered so that it could be revealed that the Falcon has a shady past in organized crime, including pimping. It was a dark time. But the reason for this change was simple, if ill-advised: Wilson was already sort of a cool guy, so giving him a bit of darkness gave him something to redeem.

Of course, he's pretty squeaky clean in the movies, so if Wilson were to wear the red, white and blue in the movies, he'd only be battling the pressure of filling Rogers' shoes. That's not exactly a compelling arc. Having Wilson become the new Cap in the comics just makes him the latest in a long line of Cap replacements. In the movies, it would just be one stupendous guy wearing the wardrobe of another.

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