Improved His Stand-Up Act
Most young comedians spend an overwhelming majority of their time on stage. They perform constantly, tinker with their bits and try to follow that route to its logical conclusion. Hart actually spent a long time after he first got to Hollywood focusing on the acting side, which went well enough to keep him eating and marginally famous. Over the last half decade or so, he’s really started pouring more energy into stand-up tours, stand-up specials and partnerships with premium cable networks. These examples of direct audience interaction allowed him to build a great reputation inside his target demographics. The positive word of mouth eventually spilled out to everyone, and suddenly, his tours started grossing eight figures, which is incredible for a stand-up.

A lot of brilliant comedians get away from stand-up once they start gaining the ability to greenlight their own projects in Hollywood. They return now and again, of course, but that’s no longer their primary occupation. I have no idea which way Hart will go moving forward, but considering how brilliant he is with a microphone in his hand, I hope he always finds time to get in front of a crowd and make audiences laugh in person.

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