4. We're finally getting the Capitol spectacle we wanted.
The Hunger Games was made on a relatively meager budget for a big blockbuster, which meant they couldn't execute some big action scenes (let's just forget the bad CGI on the wolf-mutts at the end) or the opulence of The Capitol. But with a bigger budget this time around, they're clearly putting it to good use in the scenes in the Capitol-- even those quick glimpses promised the insane costumes and opulent settings that Suzanne Collins has described in her books. I cannot wait to see the kind of ridiculousness that Effie Trinket wears this time.

5. Jennifer Lawrence is getting even more remarkable in this role.
OK, fine, everyone knows by now that Jennifer Lawrence is amazing, especially since she's got an Oscar to prove it. But even this brief teaser showed so many signs of how Lawrence's performance is deepening this time around, able to handle Katniss's discomfort and sorrow at the District 11 victory ceremony, her defiance in the face of Haymitch, and her steely resolve when she stands up for Gale at the end. I was one of the many who wasn't sure Lawrence was right for the role when she was cast, but it's been a relief to see how great she's been-- and that she only seems to be getting better.

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