Life Partners
Life Partners
What It's About: Sasha (Leighton Meester) and Paige (Gillian Jacobs) are 29-year-old best friends who mean the world to each other. But while Sasha is struggling to find satisfaction at work or a worthwhile girlfriend, Paige has a great job and now a new boyfriend (Adam Brody), whose very presence threatens to pull these two co-dependent gal pals apart.

Why It Can't Be Missed: The feature directorial debut of Susanna Fogel, Life Partners is shades of Bridesmaids minus the over-the-top tone. And you know what? It's pretty wonderful. Fogel and her cast nail the complicated nature of female friendships that can become as confining as they can be comforting. Meester and Jacobs share an easy and poignant onscreen connection, and the humor of this buddy com is never lost amid its drama. It's a perfect pick for a Girls Night Out.

When You'll See It: That remains to be seen. Life Partners is still seeking distribution.

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