#2: “Here’s to the losers.”
Another disastrous decision by Meron and Zadan, who should never work in this town again. Ben Affleck has just shocked the room, winning the Best Picture Oscar for Argo without claiming a Bets Director prize … a feat that has only been accomplished three times in film history. He gives a heartwrenching speech about picking oneself up after repeated public beatings. His voice cracks\ as he thanks his wife and children. Hard to top, right? But MacFarlane continues his stream of misfires by attempting to close the show with an off-color song-and-0dance routine with red-carpet punching bag Kristin Chenoweth where they celebrate “all the losing works of art, from Lincoln to Amour.” I’m sorry, what? They are losers? What the hell does that make you two bullies? Champions?! Here’s to the losers, indeed. We watched them sing a pathetic number while the bulk of the theater ran for the exits, and America changed the channel.

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