We've all had a few hours now to process this year's Oscar nominations, to scream to the heavens demanding justice for Ben Affleck or running through the forest with fireworks to celebrate Beasts of the Southern Wild. So now that the dust has settled, what are the snubs that are still burning us up? Who are we going to miss the most on Oscar night?

We've already gone over the curious case of Ben Affleck who will have to console himself with his beautiful wife and daughters and giant biceps, but what other people are we really sore about this morning? Read below for what we consider the 5 most criminal omissions from this year's Academy Award nominations-- and let us know in the comments what you're steamed about too.

Skyfall for Best Picture
No matter what happened with the Oscars, 2012 was always going to be James Bond's year. It was the spy's 50th anniversary onscreen, and he celebrated it with his most financially successfully and critically acclaimed movie ever, Skyfall. No James Bond had ever been nominated for Best Picture, or even an acting prize, but this year seemed like the time to break that streak, with acclaimed director (and previous Oscar winner) Sam Mendes lending it enough gravitas to make the cut.

But alas, this is still the Academy that famously snubbed The Dark Knight Rises and gave Best Picture to The Hurt Locker instead of Avatar; they do not want their movies to be too huge, and Skyfall in the end was too much of a blockbuster to allow them to take it seriously. Yes, it scored 5 nominations in the end, and could very well win for Adele's theme song and Roger Deakins' gorgeous cinematography. But call us selfish if you want-- we just thought it deserved even more.

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