Looper for Best Original Screenplay
The Academy might not be known for jumping out on a limb to recognize fun box office hits, but now and again, voters are willing to go there in the screenplay categories. From Bridesmaids to Wall-E to When Harry Met Sally…, there are plenty of examples in the past, and given the WGA and National Board Of Review nominations among numerous others, there was hope Looper’s clever, wonderful science fiction writing could break through and earn Academy recognition for scribe Rian Johnson.Unfortunately, that didn’t happen.

In the end Looper was bested by Amour, Django Unchained, Flight, Moonrise Kingdom and Zero Dark Thirty. Some of those screenplays are not only deserving, but better than Looper. Flight, however, not so much. The former is an extremely clever, well-conceived vision that utilizes every one of its characters and offers a wonderful blend of intrigue, action and one-off quips. Conversely, the latter is a good premise that winds around, wastes some of its supporting characters and relies almost entirely on Denzel’s incredible performance. The Academy flat-out got it wrong here, but considering Johnson also wrote the brilliant Brick, he should have more shots at nominations in the future.

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