Plot: Ben (Ethan Hawke) has a dream. A dream that he's flying over an electronic circuit that he doesn't know the purpose of. Wolfgang (River Phoenix) is a genius who understand just what that electronic circuit can do: it can send the two friends into space without having to worry about an oxygen supply! After picking the proper vehicle (a discarded Tilt-A-Whirl car), a new friend (Darren, played by Jason Presson), and a lot of 80s kid know-how, these three friends launch themselves out of atmosphere and into a whole new world of possibilities. Naturally, they come across an alien ship that seems rather ominous – only to find out that the aliens who populate the ship are not only extremely goofy, they're also hooked on Earth's popular culture. Explorers tells the story of three boys who start out getting into mischief, end up making an important scientific discovery, and ultimately find themselves hanging out with aliens that have memorized quite a bit of our re-runs.

What We Hope Carries Over: The spirit of scientific curiosity and making new friends! Unlike other films of its ilk where kids either stumble upon the technology or aliens present in Explorers, they go out in search of such things. Ben dreams up the technology, Wolfgang builds the circuit that makes oxygenated space travel possible, and Darren becomes the third amigo they never knew they needed. Also, as an added bonus, the aliens of Explorers aren't too serious and nor are they looking to eat, conquer, or destroy our species. Instead, they're just looking to show off that they're fans of the same stuff we are – or at least, we were when they were first aired. Earth To Echo looks like it's got a nice head start on these aspects already, as the children in the trailer are very media savvy, as well as tech savvy. Also, who better than a group of plucky, curious kids to go and track a random signal out in the desert? This is the stuff imaginations thrive on when kids are out playing, and it's something that everyone can agree children need more of these days.

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