Plutarch Heavensbee doesn't show off his mockingjay watch. When Katniss dances with the new Head Gamemaker at a Capitol ball, in the book he keeps the conversation perfectly light but pauses to show off his pocketwatch emblazoned with a mockingjay. Katniss eventually puts together the watch and the arena's shape to realize it's a clock, and in the third book Heavensbee-- a conspirator on the plot to overthrow the Games-- reveals it was a deliberate clue. That would all be a little hard to connect in a movie, and would probably have read as too obvious to be understood by the audience, so the film changes their dialogue in that scene entirely. Heavensbee speaks in light innuendo that feels almost flirtatious, telling Katniss "Maybe it was you who inspired me to come back" and admitting how much he hates these parties. Philip Seymour Hoffman is really good at creepy flirtation-- you've all seen The Master, right?-- and this scene takes advantage of it, setting up Heavensbee as more than he seems far before he's revealed to be in on the scheme.

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