Inside Out Theme Park
2. Pete Docter Talked To Disney About Incorporating Inside Out Into The Theme Parks
"Thirty minutes after the pitch I was like, ‘This needs to be at Epcot,’" said Rivera. So much of Inside Out is ripe for the theme-park treatment. There’s the headquarters, a command center for the mind; the "Train of Thought," which transports memories and thoughts to and from headquarters; "Longterm Memory," a maze that houses all of a person’s memories; Imaginationland, a place where our minds like to run wild; "Dream Studios," a Hollywood-like atmosphere where our dreams are staged and produced; and the "Islands of Personality," each centered around a core characteristic of ourselves.

"We’ve definitely called those [parks] guys and showed them along the way," said Docter, "and our hope is that there’s some sort of — it feels like Epcot Center to me, in a good way." For as much as he would like this to happen, though, he minded us of how complicated this process is, and how various factors, known or unknown, play into these decisions. "We hope our characters walk around on Main Street."

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