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6. How Is John Connor Still Alive If Sarah And Kyle Didn't "Mate" In 1984?
Background: It’s a classic story. Boy travels back in time. Boy meets girl, and saves her to become the mother of humanity’s last stand. Boy gets girl pregnant, thus ensuring the prophecy is fulfilled, and dies. However, since the nexus point of 1984 has been so screwed with that it’s not even funny, John Connor’s existence in this new Terminator Prime timeline should be wiped out. Yet there he is, straight out of an unused draft of Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines, living as a successful computer program who’s helping give birth to big bad Skynet. But shouldn’t he be, you know, non-existent?

Possible Answer: Skynet, you magnificent bastard, we read your book! And that book basically tells us that John Connor, like it or not, died in 2029 as he was sending Kyle Reese back to 1984. Once Alex/Skynet/Genisys (played by Matt Smith) got his hands on John Connor, he converted him into a being of pure mechanical existence. The John we knew and looked up to is dead. In his place lies a shiny T-3000 that’s programmed with a copy of his mind (and memories), and can wear his skin as camouflage. Not to mention, time travelers in the Terminator universe are shielded in a sort of temporal wake that preserves their memories and mere existence to a convenient degree. So John can still exist as an idea, because he and Skynet traveled to 2017 with full knowledge of his existence in another timeline.

Breathe, dear readers. It’s OK to be a little bit scrambled after the six questions - and possible answers - we’ve given to Terminator: Genisys’ biggest questions. And we still feel like we’re just scratching the surface. Yes, all of this could be bunk, and some of this could be altered down the line with future revelations. Much like the future, none of these answers are set. There is no plot continuity, but what the writers of the next two Terminator films make for our characters. In the meantime, feel free to dissect or refute our arguments, as well as pose alternate theories, in the comments below. And if you haven’t already, go see Terminator: Genisys at your local theater, so you can join in on the discussion!

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