Red Hood
Under The Red Hood
If you're going to tell the story of A Death In The Family, then you've already got your work cut out for you when selecting a direct follow up. Under The Red Hood could come after and work perfectly as a full on retelling of a classic story. I've gone on about this story before, but if you're going to introduce the Jason Todd mythos to the DC Continuum, you need to tell both parts of the story. A Death In The Family and Under The Red Hood would make a good back-to-back release combo, slaking the public's thirst for new Bat adventures. Also, the story's structure lends itself to a dual pronged storyline, following both Batman and the Red Hood..

Under The Red Hood tells the story of Jason Todd's resurrection via Ra's al Ghul's Lazarus Pit - which drives him insane and causes him to adopt the identity of The Red Hood. Unlike Batman, Red Hood has no problem getting cozy with criminals, as he takes over the drug trade and starts offering protection from Batman and fellow criminal Black Mask. However, Todd is serving his own agenda, and everything he does is moving towards his endgame, which is to kill the Joker. After a period of silence and regret, Batman and Nightwing team up and not only discover that Jason Todd is the Red Hood, but also must take him down before he hurts anybody else. After a climactic battle, Red Hood is assumed to be dead, but you know how comic books are with death…

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