Carter's Battle
The Film Has Slowly Gained Favor With Audiences
Of course, this is nothing if there are no fans to show up on opening day. Luckily for the franchise, it's been building support since day one. For a film that bombed out as hard as it did, it certainly seems to have its share of fans, ranking in with a 6.6 out of 10 on IMDB and a 60% fan rating on Rotten Tomatoes. While those aren't the best numbers in the world, they're surely better than the numbers than one would expect with the loss the film took in the end.

John Carter, while not an instant success, has been one of those movies that people seem to watch out of curiosity on home video or cable and end up taking to heart. Those tend to be the movies that deserve sequels the most, as they're circulated more freely and are talked about more often long after the hype has died down. Some movies gain success at such a burst of energy that they burn out just as quickly. Keep in mind, Man Of Steel was technically a box office success, and people haven't exactly been screaming "You need to see this one!" The unsung hits are the ones that tend to linger on, and John Carter is growing in profile as time goes on. So if so many people are fans of John Carter, why was the film such a bust? The answer is that Disney, as experienced as it is with the movie business, made some huge mistakes.

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