Cool Runnings
by Mack Rawden
Most teams are collections of individual players, but the ones worth remembering are living, breathing entities that take on personalities of their own, like the Lakers of the mid-80s-- pure glitz, glamour and Magic-- or the Celtics of the same time, blue-collar to the bone. Watching Cool Runnings on cable for the first time as a child taught me that these same loveble qualities can be found in any sport, even, believe or not, bobsledding. In director Jon Turteltaub’s capable hands, Cool Runnings is able to find a perfect balance between introducing the audience to the world and lingo of bobsledding and depicting the lovable personalities on the Jamaican squad. They’re underdogs, for sure, but more importantly, they’re relentless fighters. They have a lot of pride, and they’re unwilling to be embarrassed or outclassed. As a child, I fell in love with their spirit, and by extension, I fell in love with the Olympics and with random sports in general. From volleyball to water polo to curling to bobsledding, there’s euphoric highs and tearful lows to be found in any sport, and Cool Runnings’ stunning last act is proof of both. Feel the rhythm. Feel the ride. I’m now always ready for bobsled time.

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