Friday Night Lights (the TV show)
by Kelly West
As enjoyable as Friday Night Lights the film was, the TV series that followed serves as a perfect example of a football story brilliantly suited for both football and non-football fans alike. I am so not a fan. The only football game I watch each year is the Super Bowl, and that's more for the commercials and the halftime show than anything else. A love of football isn't required to enjoy FNL, but more than that, I appreciate how Peter Berg's drama allows us to appreciate the game for the impact it has on one particular community. It allows us to understand why football, and more specifically the Dillon Panthers, means so much to this town and the characters at the center of the story. The Panthers are the beating heart of Dillon. The game unites the town. People want to be a part of the Panthers' success, whether as a player, a booster, a coach or a spectator, and through their stories, we understand why this sport matters so much. Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose.

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