Dreyfus Comes From A Political/Law Enforcement Background
At the beginning of his plotline in Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes – Firestorm, we see Dreyfus has stepped down as the chief of the San Francisco police department in the past year. His reasoning for doing so is that he is planning on running for mayor of the great city, and both he and his advisers feel he has one big issue that will be the center of his campaign: the current mayor's handling of what's become known as "Monkeygate." After all, someone has to be held to task for a bunch of primates rampaging across the Golden Gate Bridge, and the mayor has been rather quiet about the whole matter. The more the mayor forgets to say about Monkeygate, the less Dreyfus has to say about why he should be mayor.

Eventually, Dreyfus is elevated to the position of Mayor after he meets protesters on several occasions and tries to calm them down with what will go down as his trademark bullhorn speeches. Showing himself as a figure of calm and reason in the trying times ahead, he calls for Mayor House's resignation and for his successor in the chain of command to take his place. Unfortunately, the mayor's successor has the Simian Flu himself, and thus names Dreyfus as the true successor while he's still able to. Just as he's getting settled into power, he receives the last piece of news he would ever want to hear: one of his sons is sick with the Simian Flu.

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