Kryptonite Isn’t Always A Guarantee Against Superman
Kryptonite Isn’t Always A Guarantee Against Superman
Anyone who’s ever heard of Superman knows that Kryptonite is his primary weakness, which means that Batman obviously has to get his hands on the green rock. The Dark Knight saves his Kryptonite for if Superman goes rogue or is mind-controlled, and the amount he has varies from a small chunk to enough to fit into two gauntlets. Unfortunately, various depictions of how much Kryptonite weakens Superman make it so that the rock doesn’t always guarantee Batman will have the upper hand with it. Take Batman: Hush, for example. Batman wore a Kryptonite ring while battling a mind-controlled Superman, and while each of Batman’s punches with that ring hurt Superman, they didn’t incapacitate him. So while some stories may show Superman falling to his knees in the presence of a small piece of Kryptonite, a lot of stories just show the rock weakening him a more human level. That means that Batman’s Kryptonite spear in the movie is definitely a great weapon to have, but it won’t automatically make him the victor. On the other hand, that massive chunk of Kryptonite Lex Luthor keeps in his office has us concerned.

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