Mistress Death
In an interview about his performance as Thanos, Josh Brolin said that in his tenure as Thanos, he hopes to come across none other than Mistress Death. Literally the physical embodiment of Death, Thanos has a severe crush on this force of nature. He would pretty much do anything, if it meant being in her favor, and not only does she know it – she spurns him because of it. With the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and Hollywood at large, being taken to task for being a little bit uneven in its treatment of female characters, perhaps the best man to terrorize the Guardians Of The Galaxy is, in fact, a woman. Mistress Death cares only about balance in the universe, particularly a balance between life and death. And who gets in the way of Death better than a squad of heroes that are trying to save the world.

With the Guardians Of The Galaxy making their way throughout the universe to protect the innocent, the Mistress becomes a bit perturbed. After all, without death, how can life truly be appreciated? So in order to get things rolling in her corner, Death leads her favorite puppet, Thanos, into the acquisition of half of the Infinity Stones, and lets him run rampant in the galaxy. Her hidden purpose behind all of this is, naturally, to get Thanos himself killed in the line of fire during is universal conquest. To have his soul among her legion would be a trophy beyond all worth, and much Death would occur trying to fill his shoes in the universal power vacuum. The Guardians, aware of the stakes at hand, ultimately trap Thanos in one of the Infinity Stones, and cast him into space. Surprise surprise, he winds up in the possession of Loki, who still holds the Tesseract, and causes him to all of a sudden have a strange craving for all of the Infinity Stones.

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