I saw Fantastic Mr. Fox just this afternoon, and was as surprised as anyone to see that it's actually pretty good-- energetic, funny and silly, with a vibe that's somehow a perfect blend between Wes Anderson's finicky style and a children's film.

So if I could come out of this movie as a convert, pretty much anyone could. And now it's high time for me to take a look back at the seven behind-the-scenes featurettes that have appeared all over the Internet in the past few weeks, all of them collected below for your convenience. See George Clooney actually rolling around in the grass as he voices his adventurer character, the tech guys actually explaining how they e-mailed shots from the film to Wes Anderson while he was in Paris, and some stories from the people who were actually on set to make the film. There's also a lot to learn about the art and technology of stop-motion animation, which must be both the most fascinating and mind-numbing style of filmmaking in the universe. At least in the case it was for the purpose of making a pretty entertaining movie-- even if it was directed by e-mail.

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