Beauty And The Beast (84 Minutes)
Beauty And The Beast is the greatest Disney movie of all time because it savors every single minute of its eighty-four minute runtime. There is not one wasted moment nor one split second dip in quality. Like a brilliantly constructed essay, each scene carefully and joyfully sets up the next while each new detail is introduced to further the plot. Belle’s love of reading is used to distance her from the dense Gaston. Maurice’s awful inventions are used to lure him away from Belle and keep the villagers from believing him later. It would have been easy for such a tight and streamlined film to lack the careless and fun spirit of Disney’s other classics, but the visuals and songs are so beautiful and exquisitely timed that every moment stands out. Ask someone what their favorite Beauty And The Beast scene is and every single one is a viable choice. It's eighty-four minutes of perfection.

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