Alpha Flight
Alpha Flight
Speaking of diverse, international heroes, meet "Canada's answer to The Avengers," Alpha Flight. A team comprised of members from all over the nation of the North, and encompassing the different ethnicities of the area (with Inuit and First Nations members in the rotating roster), the team also feels like a maple-flavored X-Men clone. In addition to feeling like the X-Men, Alpha Flight has shared some story time with the uncanny mutants in the comics, which only further makes me believe there's more to this than what we're seeing.

Truth be told, the close ties to the X-Men seem to influence these characters quite a bit more than would be comfortable for anyone at Marvel Studios to mention. Which leads me to think that this is more of a step in the direction of hampering Fox's growth into the Marvel adaptation industry than anything. The characters are too similar to the X-Men and The Avengers (or even Big Hero 6, the comic that spun off from the Alpha Flight books) to tread any real new ground. Sometimes copyright filings are so that the other guy can't get to it first, and this seems like another in a series of moves designed to make the borders between Marvel's' fractured factions that much clearer.

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