Irredeemable Ant Man
I can hear the groans through the monitor already. "Ant Man? Seriously? That was new in 2006!" Yes, it was indeed. However, we've never really gotten any ideas as to what was going to happen in the film, and only knew that Michael Douglas would probably be playing Hank Pym to Paul Rudd's Scott Lang. Other than that, we never knew about the story or how this film was going to connect into the fabric of the cinematic universe. After some digging on my part, as well as Movie Pilot's part, the connecting point is clear. Remember the huge assault on HYDRA launched in Captain America: The Winter Soldier? Remember how those three gigantic helicarriers crashed into each other? Those play into the Irredeemable Ant-Man's story as well.

In fact, the hellicarier crash is where Irredeemable Ant Man's Eric O'Grady gets his suit. In fact, a lot of details of O'Grady's character seem to fit with the notes we've heard about Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish's take on the character, particularly his moral compass being more than a little askew. Not only does this fit with the pieces that are in play already, but it does give us some hints to who Patrick Wilson and Evangeline Lilly might by playing in the film: Chris McCarthy (the man he steals the suit from before the helicarrier crashes) and Veronica King (McCarthy's girlfriend O'Grady swoops in on and ultimately gets pregnant/abandons.) While Scott Lang is the version of the character everyone says Rudd will be playing, this doesn't stop Marvel or Edgar Wright from changing things around to make for a better story. (At least, it was a better story. Let's see if it still gets made.)

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