What happens when your movie is shot entirely in front of a green screen with everything except the actors to be added in later? You get bad acting. You get scenes like the ones you’ll see below in the nearly seven minutes of footage from Roland Emmerich’s new disaster porn 2012.

Watch all seven minutes and you’ll see:

The road rises up 100 feet in the air in front of John Cusack’s speeding car. Response from his passengers? “Careful, careful.” That’s the same thing my wife said a few hours ago when I tried to turn right red.

Every skyscraper in downtown LA is collapsing. John Cusack decides to drive through the middle of one the buildings while it falls down around him. How does he react to this utterly insane, sure to be life-ending ridiculousness? A halfhearted “whoa!” You’re not trying to calm a skittish horse John.

Cusack is now driving through a hellstorm of metal and the ground is literally falling out from under them. Pan to a wide shot of everything turning into dust… and pan back to our heroes who are suddenly in a plane trying to take off. Wait… how the hell did they get to the plane?

They’re in the air. John Cusack looks out the window and sees civilization sliding into the ocean below them. Millions and millions of people dying right before his eyes. How does he respond? “Hey kids, look!” Yep, let’s freak the kids out just a little bit more John. Good parenting, but is this really the right time for rubbernecking?

See all of this stupidity and much, much more in the three videos embedded below:

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