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George And Marty McFly From Back To The Future
Has there ever been a creepier, more off-putting movie character than Crispin Glover's young George McFly? He's such a contrast to Michael J. Fox's brash and confident Marty, which is probably why all of the scenes of the two interacting back in 1955 play so well. It completely flips the standard father-son power dynamic on its head, and since the dialogue is clever and the acting performances are wonderful, the throwback scenes are more than just one note jokes. There are numerous reasons why Back To The Future is one of the most beloved movies of all-time, but apart from Doc Brown's loveable weirdness, I'm not sure a single one is more important than the scenes between these two. They're the heart of the film and still laugh out loud funny more than twenty-five years later.

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