Mr. Smith Goes To Washington
At its core, this Frank Capra classic is about government corruption wherein one crooked senator wrangles a newly appointed colleague to do his bidding. But though he is new to the game of federal politics, Mr. Jefferson Smith (Jimmy Stewart in one of his most iconic turns) is no simple stooge; he is a noble man looking to use this opportunity to make America the best it can be. He's initially in awe of the Capitol Dome and the great men who have come before him, but when he realizes he's being manipulated, he takes to the floor of the Senate, filibustering for 24 hours straight to postpone a duplicitous bill.

But this isn't another American tale of one man making all the difference. Instead, Smith's success in the end is shared with his Gal Friday, the politically savvy and formerly cynical secretary Saunders (Jean Arthur), and a network of noble boy scouts who print an independent paper to spread the words of Smith. Ultimately, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington is about the people and their politicians pulling together to do what's best for our nation. And while its style is vintage, its message is as inspiring as ever.

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